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המשך דף הבית

Caesarea Glass Studio

The Caesarea Glass Studio is located in the beautiful ancient port of Caesarea. The shop and gallery are situated in a reconstructed Roman building adjacent to an ancient Byzantine glass-blowing workshop. Our studio offers traditional glass blowing demonstrations, as well as glass art workshops.

The Glass Making Process

At Caesarea Glass we produce the glass ourselves from the most basic raw materials. Our glass is made of local sand, added with supplement materials and placed in a furnace to form liquid glass. We then shapes and designs by hand using traditional methods, just like the first glass blowers did two thousand years ago.

תהליך זכוכית .jpg


"you actually blow the glass and work with the various tools until you produce a very nice vessel of choice. All together an extraordinary and very special activity, well worthwhile."


"Itai made this an experience to remember always! My three children all got a chance to participate in each step in glass making with the ever patient and kind Itai. Itai's English is perfect and my children had the most amazing time."


"Itai was so passionate about his work that it was easy to become enthusiastic about it! If you are looking for something new and different or something "off the beaten path", reach out to Itai at Caesarea Glass."


"Itai clearly loves what he does, which makes his glass blowing workshop all the more enjoyable.  We all enjoyed the experience and highly recommend this activity for all ages."

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