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Caesarea Glass

Glass blowing is a captivating sight. In a matter of minutes, a red hot viscous mass turns into a translucent, shiny piece of art, as if by magic. Please come and visit us at our Caesarea Glass gallery and shop, witness the magic and partake in it. 

A reconstructed ancient Roman building in the Caesarea National Park, is home to a traditional glass blowing shop.

We produce glass using local sand, which we melt in a furnace at 1200 degrees, and then craft it into glassware, ornaments and jewelry, in the same way our predecessors, the first glass blowers, did two thousand years ago.


You're welcome to visit us and watch demonstrations, enjoy guided tours and activities for families, schools and groups, participate in workshops and experience glass blowing yourself.

In your visit at Caesarea Glass, you will be able to witness the process of glass making and experience it from up close - from dune sand to finished products. You may purchase a gift, a souvenir or jewelry in our gallery, participate in the activities we offer and enjoy the magical atmosphere of the ancient Caesarea Port.

For further details and registration please call +972 5015700

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