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Workshops and Activities

Caesarea Glass offers a spectacular and meaningful experience that combines history and art in a fun, hands-on activity.


Children and parents, grandchildren and grandparents, tourists and Israelis, families, couples and groups. Everyone is welcome. Witness and try for yourself the wonderful process of glass blowing and enjoy an unforgettable experience.


Caesarea Glass recreates the activity of an ancient glass blowing workshop discovered in the Caesarea excavations in this very location. You'll get a chance to see a model of the actual ancient glass kiln found on site and the traditional glass blowing tools. We'll let you in on the secret of glass making and how it is produced from the local raw materials, and provide you with a glance into the history of local glass blowing and how it came to be in this area about 2000 years ago. You'll then be given a chance to experience the ancient craft of glass- blowing yourself, exactly as it was done in Caesarea during the Roman empire's reign.


In our workshop, we will perform the entire process of glass blowing together with you. We will start from the raw material – blazing hot glass in the kiln, and continue step by step as each and every participant contributes another feature, until a unique artifact is completed. All is done with your active participation, including actual glass blowing and shaping.

We offer a selection of fascinating demonstrations, workshops and tours on the ancient art of glass blowing. The activities are booked in advance and are excellent for families, couples and groups of adults, youth, students and tourists. The program is tailored to suit your group.

Details about the workshops:

A private workshop, for your group alone – please book in advance.

The workshop is held in a shaded open space.

The artifacts made in the workshop are ready to be taken the next day (each piece of art must cool down in a special oven for 10 hours).

Workshop duration - one to three hours.

Delivered in English and Hebrew.

For additional questions and booking by WhatsApp:


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Glass Blowing Workshops for Families

A fun and exciting experience for parents, children and grandparents. This family workshop enables an inter-generational collaboration. Adults alongside teens and children from the age of 6. Younger children will also be given an opportunity to experience glass blowing (a little less hands-on). This family activity is an exceptional opportunity to come together for a fun and unique experience of collaborated creative art. The duration of the workshop depends on the number of participants.


Steaming Hot Workshop for Couples

An exceptional experience to bring you together to learn, create and collaborate. Excellent for couples of any age who are curious, young and young at heart. Step out of the ordinary and mundane and embark on a time-traveling creative journey with the unforgettable experience of the 2000-year-old traditional glass blowing technique. Duration of the workshop - one to two hours.


Birthday Workshop

A different and fun way to celebrate a birthday and enjoy a unique experience. All birthday participants get to collaborate in the making of a one of a kind gift for the birthday boy or girl, using a two thousand years old technique. Each participant plays their part and together you'll create an original and personal artifact while enjoying an unforgettable experience. The duration of the workshop depends on the number of participants.

סדנה 4.jpg

 Glass Blowing Workshops for Tourists and Travelers

Reconstructing the activity of a 1600-year glass blowing workshop discovered in the ancient port of Caesarea. A must-visit attraction in ancient Caesarea. Adjacent to the new visitors' center. Suitable for groups of up to 60 people. Workshop duration - half an hour to two hours.


hands-on learning workshop

A learning Activity for young school students on the ancient art of glass blowing. A multidisciplinary and holistic learning experience that encompasses the arts, history, geography and sciences while experimenting and contemplating the phenomena surrounding us. Suitable for up to 2 classes (groups). The workshop's duration is one hour per class.

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