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Caesarea Glass Artwork

Our Gallery in the Caesarea Port, displays original glass works, inspired by the Caesarea scenery and historical past. Our gallery offers products such as silver jewelry inlaid with ancient Roman glass, decorative glassware and Judaica, replicas of antique glassware produced by traditional blowing, and more. The Caesarea Glass Gallery is the ideal place to buy original Israeli art, to indulge yourself with unique jewelry.

Strategy Games

Our gallery offers a series of historical games, alongside original games we developed ourselves. The game boards are made of glass and may also be used as a beautiful designers' item. Our games are designed for adults and children alike, from age 6 and up, and make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves challenge and beauty. Each game kit comes with instructions in Hebrew and English. New: we now offer the same beautiful games made of wood, so that you may use them while traveling, and enjoy them over a very long time.

For details, please call +972 5015700

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Our original collection of glass Judaica are masterpieces of diligent, meticulous and professional workmanship. Our collection includes challah trays with matching knives, candlesticks, menorahs, mezuzah cases, Passover plates, blessings and much more. Our Judaica products are all made of translucent bubble glass in Mediterranean shades of turquoise, blue, brown and green, bringing the Caesarea shore to your home. All items are made by a special method of fusing glass layers in a furnace. We welcome your special requests and orders. Each product is a wonderful Israeli gift that is delightful to give and exciting to receive.

For details, please call +972 5015700

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'Water Glass' Tableware

Our original serving dishes and ornaments, made of translucent bubble glass in Mediterranean shades, with combinations of turquoise and blue, reminiscent of the Caesarea coast. Each item is meticulously hand crafted by fusing of glass layers and minerals in a furnace. Caesarea Glass products are a beautiful authentic souvenir from your visit at Caesarea.

For details, please call +972 5015700

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Our Historical Collection

Glass products inspired by ancient Roman glass. These special collection items are made of a unique glass that we produce ourselves using local sand and traditional glass blowing methods. The shape, colors and design of these items are inspired by ancient glass artifacts that were found in and around Caesarea. We also produce exact replicas of antique glassware upon special order.

For details, please call +972 5015700

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Glass Mobiles

Our original wind chimes and kinetic art are made of translucent turquoise and blue bubble glass. Glass wind chimes have a gentle, soft sound that is reminiscent of the rustle of ocean waves. The tiny bubbles illuminate with a pearl-like gleam when sun rays shine through them.

For details, please call +972 5015700

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Dichroic Glass Jewelry

Among our unique items you'll find a collection of original design silver jewelry inlaid with prestigious dichroic glass. Dichroic glass is a multicolored, highly lustrous glass that changes its color with the change in the observer's angle. It is very diverse in its colors and degrees of transparency and has a strong and glamorous presence. Each piece of jewelry is meticulously hand crafted and one-of-a-kind.

For details, please call +972 5015700

תכשיטי זכוכית דיקרויק.jpg

'Water Glass' Jewelry

Our line of Water Glass jewelry is truly exceptional - made of clear bubble glass with Mediterranean shades, combining turquoise, blue, brown and green. Each piece of jewelry looks like it was taken out of the Mediterranean Sea, with a crisp and soothing beauty that follows you anywhere where you wear it. A wonderful souvenir from your visit to Caesarea and a wonderful gift for loved ones.

For details, please call +972 5015700

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Roman Glass Jewelry

Silver and gold jewelry inlaid with Roman glass relics from glass that was made 2,000 years ago. Each piece of jewelry is unique, getting its color and shape from the unique piece of glass of which it is made.  

For details, please call +972 5015700

תכשיטי זכוכית רומית .jpg

Wave Jewelry

The local sands of the Caesarea shore are the buildings blocks of our unique translucent light blue glass. Our unique collection of Wave Jewelry is made of this glass and features a flowing, vivid and sensual design reminiscent of the ripples of water and the motion of the waves. Our rings, necklaces and earrings are made of sterling silver (925).

For details, please call +972 5015700

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